tiistai 30. lokakuuta 2012

i was looking for a breath of life

florence and the machine - breath of life

and then, all suddenly, she wandered through the darkness. as dark as it was, her flowing frock seemed to glow its innocent whiteness making a violent contrast to the surroundings. her skin was as pale as a ghost. her steps made no voice although the land was filled with wizened leafs and decaying plants. between her shoulder blades she had a pair of wings, not bird-like ones but a butterfly's, but she looked like no fairy. she had hidden her face behind a grim mask so one couldn't be able to tell who she was. neither would it have been apparent to you where she came from or what for; or even, if she was alive.

so wrote i for my spookbook '12 outfit, in here.

due to my lack of time and the fact i should be sleeping already (i'll curse myself in the morning!) i won't write anything more interesting today either. some other day, let's see. i hate high school. i hate having to be good and social and observant at every single second of my every single day. (tomorrow i'm going to be in school from 8.30 am to 16.00, at which time i have to leave for my ballet class! yippee..)
no, to be honest, i even don't have too much school. it's just kinda much to me at the moment.

- varis

sunnuntai 28. lokakuuta 2012

the beginning

look from 26.10.2012.

i've never been good with beginnings, oh i wish i knew what should i say! but while i'm thinking, here is my first look presented in this blog. you're gonna see so much more of those! but now i have to head off to my anchor printed pillow and extra thick blanket, have a moment thinking happy thoughts and hope they'll carry me through a night with happy dreams.

good night, sleep tight! see you later! <3

- varislapsi