maanantai 19. marraskuuta 2012

hope for tomorrow

yiruma - river flows in you

second picture: we♥

today really didn't seem to be my day. i haven't been feeling well with myself (too big, too ugly, too fat, you know, it's always the same story) and my ballet lesson went super bad. in a natural products shop the cashier suggested me to buy some special chocolate. "it would be a great product to you", she told me. "as a taste that rich you won't have the need to eat the whole bar!" then i wennt to a supermarket, accidentally dropped a glass pot which got broken, and even if i went and told the staff immidiately, everybody had a sore look in they're eyes as thay were staring at me. now seriously, am i the only one to ever break anything?! aaaand after a weekend of schoolwork, there's still enough left to keep me busy all the time. the smaller maths test is tomorrow and i haven't read at all. on the other hand, i do know those things better than my own pockets.

and i'm starting to have the exam-week-is-over-feeling. if it only were instead of beginning next friday.

aaaaaaaoorgggh. it's good to live in hope tomorrow will be better.

- varis

perjantai 16. marraskuuta 2012

it's getting dark and cold inside me

find it on lookbook (it's getting so dark it's almost impossible to take pictures outside which i truly dislike.)

i'm losing my mind. i have such a lot of school work to do; essay about a book, essay about media, written work of geography, movie review in english, math sample test and 5-page-short story. even better, i have my exam week beginning in next friday. and better still, i haven't been feeling well with myself. yay.

but there's a reason to smile: today i found a shirt thrown to the far end of my closet. it was like two months ago or something when my mom dropped by at my room asking if i would want it. 'it doesn't fit me anymore,' she said.
i kept and kept considering. 'nah..' i mumbled slowly, still uncertain.
'okay, i just wanted to ask 'cause, you know, i was going to recycle it anyway.'
'...............give it to me!'

xd that's just so.. me. but today i realized i had completely forgotten it until now. i was a little scared to take a look at it - was it all that nice, really? - but what i found was a wonderful surprise. i liked it so much more than i remembered i did then. and i love to make something that isn't needed anymore to be in use again, as well as getting a piece of clothing i like without having to have a bad conscience for buying it.

- varis

ps. i'm sorry for having a lack of english words today - i just can't get those in my mind so it's pretty hard to write...

tiistai 13. marraskuuta 2012


just a quick post with my newest look. i've been very busy with school lately!

find it on lookbook

in last month i exceeded myself by buying jeans. JEANS, me? i hardly ever wear pants since they only get my tights look even bigger uglier. but from now on, i guess i will.

- varis