maanantai 19. marraskuuta 2012

hope for tomorrow

yiruma - river flows in you

second picture: we♥

today really didn't seem to be my day. i haven't been feeling well with myself (too big, too ugly, too fat, you know, it's always the same story) and my ballet lesson went super bad. in a natural products shop the cashier suggested me to buy some special chocolate. "it would be a great product to you", she told me. "as a taste that rich you won't have the need to eat the whole bar!" then i wennt to a supermarket, accidentally dropped a glass pot which got broken, and even if i went and told the staff immidiately, everybody had a sore look in they're eyes as thay were staring at me. now seriously, am i the only one to ever break anything?! aaaand after a weekend of schoolwork, there's still enough left to keep me busy all the time. the smaller maths test is tomorrow and i haven't read at all. on the other hand, i do know those things better than my own pockets.

and i'm starting to have the exam-week-is-over-feeling. if it only were instead of beginning next friday.

aaaaaaaoorgggh. it's good to live in hope tomorrow will be better.

- varis

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  1. lovely shots!! i really love your blog's layout dear xx

    Letters To Juliet

    1. hah, only the first is mine! but many thanks, i'm super happy to hear that!


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