keskiviikko 5. joulukuuta 2012

we've really got a winter

the wind keeps pushing and pushing me forward, to join the delicate dance of snowflakes. i let myself go; there's nothing else i can do. having a whole new perspective, everything looks so strange now, as if i wasn't really me. i lost the comprehension of what is going on.

luckily there are things stronger than the devils inside me.

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taylor swift - last christmas

it's getting colder still, but it's the snow cover that lightens our december a bit. i'm trying to reach the christmas feeling as hard as i can. there has been some grim days, but the new period at school makes me feel more free - when we're talking about school, it's like i had finally learned to breath again. the courses i have are few and easy; probability calculus in math, the fift course of swedish, visual arts concentrating on 3d working, and last but not least, a p.e. course aiming to take part our "wanhojen tanssit" event. it's pretty much the only more or less official school dance in finland! the name meaning is "the dance of the old" after the fact that in the spring we, the second year students, will (in principle) be the oldest students of school as the third year students leave to study for their final exams. how excited i am now! i'm still working on finding my perfect dress though.

anyway, these pictures are from last sunday when i saw my best friend. i first thought there would be no reason to post them on lookbook since you've seen the sweater and you're going to see better pictures from these brand new pants. eventually, however, i ended up with such a happy feeling with these i couldn't resist it. so here you go!

- varis

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