lauantai 19. tammikuuta 2013

swan lake and the metro, again

yesterday it was my one big dream that came true. i visited a ballet for the first time in my life. it was the swan lake by kenneth greve. and what an experience it was! i was totally enchanted, i just imbibed those moves and sounds, the dresses, tutus and that declamatory gloriousness. there's such overall beauty in the way the dancers carry theirselves; they are proud and confident yet almost unreachable. they don't exist for the audience but just do their things, and people love them. i don't mean they wouldn't respect people that come to see them, but their dance isn't just "a show" to be presented for us.

i guess my tiredness and the current impatience, having had too little sleep lately, are dimly visible in my words, preventing them from expressing my meanings. the bed does tempt me a lot while i still can't feel myself being near enough of falling asleep. i should quit anyway though, my late-night yarns mustn't be very productive. after all, yesterday very much strenghtened and deepened my love towards that incredible dance.

i'll just quickly present my newest look:

- varis

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  1. I love your look. It's so earthy and cosy, with feminine elements. Hyped it on Lookbook, and I love your blog.
    We should become followers :) only if you want to.

  2. ooh, baletti on ihanaa :D itekin oon menossa kattomaan joutsenlampea, tosin vasta ensi kuussa :D toi huppari on söpö!

  3. Oi määki tahon tollasen hupparin! En tiiä kyllä olisinko yhtä söpö ku sä tollasessa, hah :D

    Toivottavasti voimistuisit tosta. <3

  4. you look so amazing ! i do love this outfit, the cutest thing i've ever seen <3

  5. thank you all! <3

    se joutsenlampi oli todella näkemisen arvoinen! pääsin vieläpä ilmaiseksi kaverin luokan mukana. :) oli kyllä ihan uskomaton juttu kun olin koko syksyn houkutellut äitiä ostamaan liput meille!

  6. OMG, your blog is so cute and I love that sweater <333
    Would you maybe like to follow each other?
    Love, Anna

  7. such a cute jacket!! anw I adoreee ur boots<3

  8. love your look so much! its adorable! and your blog is lovely as well!! followin :)

  9. That look is so cool. Your hair looks so lovely, the length is just so pretty and the colour as well.
    I've also seen swan lake a couple of months ago. Ballet is absolutely amazing (:

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