perjantai 22. helmikuuta 2013

mom's little girl wants to touch the other side

noticed my new look i added yesterday? i was too sleepy and my stomach hurted way too much so i didn't see "sitting down and starting to write a whole new post" as a very tempting idea, or neither necessary. instead, i'll give you a few more photos in the end of this post!

such many lovely things have taken place lately. i had my prom! i've got so much pictures to show you and i can't help feeling still quite rapt, yet a little wistful. but since that was a day (or two days, technically) so very unique and the photos taken are numerous, it might take a while until i've gone through 'em all. i hope you understand! that was something that made me feel more happy than i've been for years, i discovered a whole new world with whole new feeligs. actually, my vat of belief in life began to fill itself so quickly and without warning that i'm amazed i even managed to hold it stable. a week has passed, and it has stayed almost as full as it was then; much nearer to its neverending borders after all. i've experienced all those new, positive feelings and longings during this week even though i've done almost nothing but slept. they are things like trust, love, dreams and calm, and i must say they really are pretty awesome.

so i've had a week off from school, and i actually disrealized it until now. now it's only the weekend that's left, and i'm definitely not ready to get back to all that school work, stress and stuff. but today i was shopping with my mom, and we did have quite a wonderful day! zara had final sales and i bought some wonderful pieces, two shirts 10€ each, trousers for five euros and a top of same price. being the person i am, i got a very bad conscience for buying such many items at the same time.
we had dinner there as well, and did some other little shopping including the endless circling at the furniture stores trying to find me a wardrobe, even a lamp (!), and not succeeding in either. anyhow, it was fun. i also saw a wonderful thing that will maybe develop to something just great in the future, but i don't feel like telling about that yet. eh, more than i did.

pictures, there you go:

- varis

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  1. wow beautiful look and I love the setting of your pics!

  2. you look stunning ! i love your looks and you definitely should add often <3

  3. anteeksi nyt stalkkerimaisuus & kliseiden käyttö, mutta mun mielestä näistä uusista kuvista huokuu jotain sellasta onnellisuutta, joka saa suut näyttämään erityisen kauniilta. plus noi sun hiukset! ihanan pörröset, mutta silti niin luonnolliset.


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