maanantai 10. kesäkuuta 2013

the last flash that cuts it all

the sky flashed all suddenly. a thunder! so here i am now, sitting in front of my computer wondering all the ballet stuff while the rain flies downwards. each raindrop is chasing its friends, they ram together, they ram against the trees, ram into the fields like seas of numberless flowers, and in the end of their pitiful short life they ram against the grass and gravel and finally get to meet the ground. time of hope has been ended by a single moment of crash.
i love the rain.

a second flash, followed by a frightening rumble like out there in that blue night there were a thousand lions roaring for nothing but one's solitude.

and the last flash that cuts the whole miserable concert all in one place and time. a silence.

i shall go to sleeps and dream about ballerinas riding on raindrops in order to skedaddle from a pride of flashing-maned lions.

- varis

kuvat we♥it.comista.

sunnuntai 2. kesäkuuta 2013

musical inspiration of past weeks

it seems to be a rule rather than an exception to live for music if it is to be believed what people say. i've never been that attached. it is lovely to hum along a song of preference and keep listening it over and over againg, but it's not such a passion to me. (furthermore, i'm musically a total inept, it's sector of ability i haven't got even the most basic talent, nothing at all.) almost everybody say they couldn't live without music, but even if i'd consider it terrible, i could, rather than losing my possibilities to write for a poor example.

even so, i have my beloved pieces. during the past weeks i've discovered almost too much new music, bands and artists, singers and composers, and awoke the lust to start sharing them. i've felt listening to music becoming a more important part of my days since i've been a bit down lately and haven't had that much interest in, well, anything - let alone having strenght to pick up new things to do. although, i've done more dancing, and that's pretty musical as well. so i thought it would be a good time for this post which, i have to say, will not be the last one of its kind.

well, there you go, some songs i've found and loved (they fall in quite various genres!):

sóley - pretty face

scandinavian music group - näin minä vihellän matkallani

dillon - thirteen thirtyfive

ludovico einaudi - una mattina

of monsters and men - king and lionheart

coeur de pirate - wicked games

camille saint-saens - le carnaval des animaux

nightwish - while your lips are still red

yanni - adagio in c minor (piano cover)

imagine dragons - radioactive

imagine dragons - it's time

alt-j - dissolve me

george winston - colors/ dance

sail - awolnation

gary stadler and wendy rule - dance of the wild faeries & invocation

inés vasconsellos - battement tendu (oh i couldn't do without a little ballet music!)

seabear - cold summer

sing fang - because of the blood

daughter - landfill

angus and julia stone - all of me

for a minor reflection - okyrrd

circadian eyes - finding silence

circadian eyes - rain

pepercut - morning blues

tango with lions - in a bar

julia stone - winter on the weekend

flunk - blue monday

gabrielle aplin - home

did i knock you out with such a list? oh, but maybe you'll find some new favourites as well.

- varis

psst. i'll get this new look published hopefully tomorrow or day after, it's just getting through the pictures i've got to get done.